Statistics for year 2017 – Concertos

CONCERTOS (Complete performances only): most frequently performed. N.B. Concerti Grossi and other similar works are not included here, but appear in the table of ‘other’ orchestral works.
1Grieg E.Piano Concerto11
2Mendelssohn F.Violin Concerto10
3Beethoven L.vanViolin Concerto8
4=Dvořák A.Cello Concerto7
4=Elgar Sir E.Cello Concerto7
4=Tchaikovsky P.Violin Concerto7
7=Brahms J.Piano Concerto No.16
7=Bruch M.Violin Concerto No.16
7=Mozart W.A.Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola K3646
7=Sibelius J.Violin Concerto6
11=Mozart W.A.Clarinet Concerto5
11=Rachmaninov S.Piano Concerto No.25
11=Rachmaninov S.Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini5
11=Tchaikovsky P.Piano Concerto No.15
15=Beethoven L.vanPiano Concerto No.5 ‘Emperor’4
15=Brahms J.Violin Concerto4
15=Korngold E.Violin Concerto4
15=Rachmaninov S.Piano Concerto No.34
15=Saint-Saëns C.Cello Concerto No.14
20=Arutiunian A.Trumpet Concerto3
20=Bach J.S.Brandenburg Concerto No.43
20=Beethoven L.vanTriple Concerto3
20=Berlioz H.Harold in Italy3
20=Brahms J.Piano Concerto No.23
20=Finzi G.Clarinet Concerto3
20=Gershwin G.Rhapsody in Blue3
20=Mozart W.A.Flute Concerto No.1 in G3
20=Mozart W.A.Piano Concerto No.243
20=Mozart W.A.Violin Concerto No.33
20=Schumann R.Piano Concerto3
20=Walton Sir W.Viola Concerto3
32=Bach J.S.Brandenburg Concerto No.22
32=Bach J.S.Brandenburg Concerto No.32
32=Bach J.S.Concerto for Two Violins2
32=Beethoven L.vanPiano Concerto No.22
32=Beethoven L.vanPiano Concerto No.32
32=Beethoven L.vanRomance No.2 in F for Violin and Orchestra2
32=Berg A.Violin Concerto2
32=Chaminade C.Flute Concertino in D Major Op.1072
32=Copland A.Clarinet Concerto2
32=Elgar Sir E.Romance for Bassoon and Orchestra2
32=Elgar Sir E.Violin Concerto2
32=Fauré G.Elegy for Cello and Orchestra2
32=Glière R.Horn Concerto2
32=Haydn J.Cello Concerto in C2
32=Haydn J.Trumpet Concerto2
32=Mozart W.A.Concerto for Flute and Harp2
32=Prokofiev S.Violin Concerto No.12
32=Rachmaninov S.Piano Concerto No.12
32=Ravel M.Piano Concerto in G Major2
32=Rimsky-Korsakov N.Trombone Concerto2
32=Rodrigo J.Concierto de Aranjuez2
32=Schumann R.Cello Concerto2
32=Shostakovich D.Piano Concerto No.22
32=Weber C.M.vonBassoon Concerto2
32=Weber C.M.vonClarinet Concerto No.12
57=Adès T.Concentric Paths1
57=Albinoni T.Concerto for Two Oboes1
57=Albinoni T.Oboe Concerto in D Minor1
57=Anderson J.Sinfonia Concertante1
57=Atterberg K.Suite for Violin, Viola and Strings1
57=Bach C.P.E.Cello Concerto in A Minor1
57=Bach C.P.E.Piano Concerto in A Major1
57=Bach J.S.Brandenburg Concerto No.51
57=Bach J.S.Violin Concerto in A Minor1
57=Bartók B.Rhapsody No.1 for Violin and Orchestra1
57=Beethoven L.vanPiano Concerto No.41
57=Beethoven L.vanRomance No.1 in G for Violin and Orchestra1
57=Berwald F.Konsertstycke for Bassoon1
57=Binge R.Concerto for Alto Saxophone1
57=Boccherini L.Cello Concerto No.9 in B Flat1
57=Brahms J.Concerto for Violin and Cello1
57=Brahms J.Concerto for Violin and Cello - 2nd movement1
57=Bruch M.Concerto for Clarinet and Viola (arr. for Violin and Viola)1
57=Bruch M.Scottish Fantasy1
57=Chopin F.Piano Concerto No.11
57=Chopin F.Piano Concerto No.1 - 3rd movement1
57=Chopin F.Piano Concerto No.21
57=Crusell B.Clarinet Concerto in F Minor Op.51
57=Danzi F.Sinfonia Concertante for Clarinet and Bassoon1
57=Debussy C.Rhapsody for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra1
57=Dvořák A.Violin Concerto1
57=Elgar Sir E.Cello Concerto - 1st and 2nd Movements1
57=Glass P.Concerto for Saxophone Quartet and Orchestra - Excerpt1
57=Glazunov A.Violin Concerto1
57=Glière R.Harp Concerto1
57=Handel G.Organ Concerto (opus no. not advised) - Excerpt1
57=Haydn J.Concerto for Two Horns1
57=Haydn J.Piano Concerto in D1
57=Honegger A.Concerto da Camera for Flute, Cor Anglais and Strings1
57=Ibbotson P.Cello Concerto1
57=Ibert J.Flute Concerto - 3rd movement1
57=Jacob G.Violin Concerto1
57=Kabalevsky D.Violin Concerto1
57=Khachaturian A.Flute Concerto1
57=Khachaturian A.Violin Concerto1
57=Liszt F.Piano Concerto No.21
57=Martinů B.Rhapsody-Concerto for Viola and Orchestra1
57=Mozart W.A.Bassoon Concerto1
57=Mozart W.A.Concerto for Two Pianos1
57=Mozart W.A.Horn Concerto No.31
57=Mozart W.A.Horn Concerto No.41
57=Mozart W.A.Horn Concerto No.4 - Rondo1
57=Mozart W.A.Piano Concerto No.171
57=Mozart W.A.Piano Concerto No.201
57=Mozart W.A.Piano Concerto No.21 - Finale1
57=Mozart W.A.Piano Concerto No.221
57=Mozart W.A.Piano Concerto No.231
57=Mozart W.A.Piano Concerto No.251
57=Mozart W.A.Sinfonia Concertante for Winds K297b1
57=Mozart W.A.Violin Concerto No.51
57=Nielsen C.Clarinet Concerto1
57=Nielsen C.Flute Concerto1
57=Poulenc F.Organ Concerto1
57=Prokofiev S.Piano Concerto No.21
57=Prokofiev S.Symphony-Concerto Op.1251
57=Prokofiev S.Violin Concerto No.21
57=Rachmaninov S.Piano Concerto No.1 - 1st movement1
57=Ravel M.Piano Concerto for the Left Hand1
57=Reinecke C.Flute Concerto1
57=Rodrigo J.Concerto Serenata for Harp and Orchestra1
57=Russell J.Bass Clarinet Double Concerto1
57=Sawyers P.Violin Concerto1
57=Scott A.Trumpet Concerto1
57=Shostakovich D.Cello Concerto No.11
57=Shostakovich D.Violin Concerto No.11
57=Sibelius J.Violin Concerto - 3rd movement1
57=Stanford Sir C.V.Variations for Violin and Orchestra1
57=Strauss R.Horn Concerto No.21
57=Strauss R.Oboe Concerto1
57=Strauss R.Romance for Cello and Orchestra1
57=Tchaikovsky P.Piano Concerto No.1 - First Movement1
57=Tchaikovsky P.Piano Concerto No.1 - Third Movement1
57=Tchaikovsky P.Variations on a Rococo Theme1
57=Telemann G.Concerto in D for Two Oboe d’Amore and Strings1
57=Telemann G.Viola Concerto1
57=Thompson B.Saxophone Concerto1
57=Torelli G.Trumpet Concerto in D G11
57=Vaughan Williams R.Tuba Concerto1
57=Vaughan Williams R.Violin Concerto ‘Concerto Accademico’1
57=Vivaldi A.Concerto for Two Oboes RV5351
57=Vivaldi A.Concerto for Two Trumpets1
57=Vivaldi A.The Four Seasons - Spring1
57=Vivaldi A.The Four Seasons - Summer1
57=Vivaldi A.The Four Seasons - Winter1
57=Vivaldi A.The Four Seasons - Winter: Largo1
57=Walton Sir W.Cello Concerto1
57=Walton Sir W.Violin Concerto1
57=Wanhal J.B.Concerto in F for Two Bassoons1
57=Weber C.M.vonClarinet Concertino1
57=Weber C.M.vonClarinet Concerto No.21
57=Wilshere B.Zodiac (Percussion Concerto)1