Statistics for year 2017 – Symphonies

SYMPHONIES (Complete performances only): most frequently performed. N.B. Choral Symphonies are included here
1=Beethoven L.vanSymphony No.511
1=Tchaikovsky P.Symphony No.511
3Brahms J.Symphony No.410
4Mahler G.Symphony No. 19
5=Brahms J.Symphony No.28
5=Dvořák A.Symphony No.88
5=Dvořák A.Symphony No.9 ‘From the New World’8
5=Rachmaninov S.Symphony No.28
9Tchaikovsky P.Symphony No.6 ‘Pathétique’7
10=Beethoven L.vanSymphony No.26
10=Beethoven L.vanSymphony No.76
10=Beethoven L.vanSymphony No.86
10=Berlioz H.Symphonie Fantastique6
10=Dvořák A.Symphony No.76
10=Mendelssohn F.Symphony No.4 ‘Italian’6
10=Shostakovich D.Symphony No. 56
17=Beethoven L.vanSymphony No.15
17=Beethoven L.vanSymphony No.6 ‘Pastoral’5
17=Brahms J.Symphony No.15
17=Haydn J.Symphony No. 995
17=Schumann R.Symphony No.3 ‘Rhenish’5
17=Sibelius J.Symphony No.15
23=Dvořák A.Symphony No.64
23=Haydn J.Symphony No.104 ‘London’4
23=Mendelssohn F.Symphony No.3 ‘Scottish’4
23=Mozart W.A.Symphony No.394
23=Mozart W.A.Symphony No.41 ‘Jupiter’4
23=Saint-Saëns C.Symphony No.3 ‘Organ Symphony’4
23=Schubert F.Symphony No. 54
23=Shostakovich D.Symphony No.104
23=Sibelius J.Symphony No.24
23=Sibelius J.Symphony No.54
23=Tchaikovsky P.Symphony No.1 ‘Winter Daydreams’4
23=Tchaikovsky P.Symphony No.44
35=Beethoven L.vanSymphony No.3 ‘Eroica’3
35=Beethoven L.vanSymphony No.43
35=Bizet G.Symphony in C3
35=Brahms J.Symphony No.33
35=Bruckner A.Symphony No.43
35=Elgar Sir E.Symphony No.13
35=Haydn J.Symphony No. 94 ‘Surprise’3
35=Hely-Hutchinson V.A Carol Symphony3
35=Mahler G.Symphony No. 2 ‘Resurrection’3
35=Mahler G.Symphony No. 43
35=Mahler G.Symphony No. 53
35=Mendelssohn F.Symphony No.5 ‘Reformation’3
35=Mozart W.A.Symphony No.35 ‘Haffner’3
35=Schubert F.Symphony No. 33
35=Schubert F.Symphony No. 9 ‘Great C Major’3
35=Schumann R.Symphony No.43
35=Vaughan Williams R.Symphony No.2 ‘London’3
52=Beethoven L.vanSymphony No.9 ‘Choral’2
52=Borodin A.Symphony No.22
52=Britten B.Simple Symphony2
52=Dvořák A.Symphony No.52
52=Franck C.Symphony in D Minor2
52=Haydn J.Symphony No. 85 ‘La Reine’2
52=Haydn J.Symphony No.103 ‘Drum Roll’2
52=Mahler G.Symphony No. 5 - Adagietto2
52=Mozart W.A.Symphony No.31 ‘Paris’2
52=Mozart W.A.Symphony No.38 ‘Prague’2
52=Mozart W.A.Symphony No.402
52=Mozart W.A.Symphony No.40 - 1st Movement2
52=Nielsen C.Symphony No.4 ‘Inextinguishable’2
52=Rachmaninov S.Symphony No.32
52=Schubert F.Symphony No. 62
52=Schubert F.Symphony No. 8 ‘Unfinished’2
52=Shostakovich D.Chamber Symphony Op.110a (arr.Barshai)2
52=Shostakovich D.Symphony No. 7 ‘Leningrad’2
52=Stravinsky I.Symphony of Psalms2
52=Taylor M.Symphony No.42
52=Tchaikovsky P.Manfred Symphony2
52=Tchaikovsky P.Symphony No.2 ‘Little Russian’2
52=Walton Sir W.Symphony No.12
75=Arnold Sir M.Symphony No.71
75=Bach C.P.E.Sinfonia in D1
75=Beach A.Symphony in E Minor ‘Gaelic’1
75=Beethoven L.vanSymphony No.5 - 1st Movement1
75=Berlioz H.Roméo et Juliette - Scène d’Amour1
75=Berlioz H.Symphonie Fantastique - March to the Scaffold1
75=Bizet G.Symphony No.2 ‘Roma’1
75=Bliss Sir A.Colour Symphony1
75=Boyce W.Symphony No.11
75=Boyce W.Symphony No.41
75=Boyce W.Symphony No.51
75=Britten B.Sinfonia da Requiem1
75=Bruckner A.Symphony No.71
75=Chausson E.Symphony in B Flat Major1
75=Cherubini L.Symphony in D1
75=Clarke N.Symphony No.1 ‘A Richer Dust’1
75=Cliffe F.Symphony No.21
75=Davies M.C.Tiny Symphony1
75=Elgar Sir E.Symphony No.21
75=Enescu G.Symphony No.4 (orch. completed by P.Bentiou) (UK Première)1
75=Gade N.Symphony No.41
75=Gardner J.Symphony No.21
75=Glass P.Symphony No.81
75=Glazunov A.Symphony No.51
75=Gounod C.Petite Symphonie for Wind1
75=Haydn J.Symphony No. 26 ‘Lamentation’1
75=Haydn J.Symphony No. 49 ‘La Passione’1
75=Haydn J.Symphony No. 651
75=Haydn J.Symphony No. 731
75=Haydn J.Symphony No.100 ‘Military’1
75=Korngold E.Symphony in F Sharp1
75=Lalo E.Symphonie Espagnole1
75=Lloyd G.Symphony No.91
75=Mahler G.Symphony No. 3 - 2nd movement (arr.Britten)1
75=Mahler G.Symphony No. 61
75=Mahler G.Symphony No. 91
75=Masters J.Christmas Symphony1
75=Meij J.deSymphony No.4 ‘Sinfonie der Lieder’1
75=Mendelssohn F.String Symphony No. 41
75=Mendelssohn F.String Symphony No.101
75=Mendelssohn F.Symphony No.11
75=Mendelssohn F.Symphony No.2 ‘Lobgesang’ - I Waited for the Lord1
75=Mendelssohn F.Symphony No.3 ‘Scottish’ - Finale1
75=Mozart L.Toy Symphony1
75=Mozart W.A.Symphony No.291
75=Mozart W.A.Symphony No.36 ‘Linz’1
75=Muffett J.Christmas Sinfonia1
75=Nielsen C.Symphony No.61
75=Norris R.Symphony in 15 Minutes1
75=Parry Sir C.H.H.Symphony No.3 ‘English’1
75=Prokofiev S.Symphony No.1 ‘Classical’1
75=Prokofiev S.Symphony No.41
75=Prokofiev S.Symphony No.51
75=Rawsthorne A.Symphony No.21
75=Rota N.Sinfonia sopra una Canzone d’Amore1
75=Schmidt F.Symphony No.41
75=Schubert F.Symphony No. 11
75=Schubert F.Symphony No. 21
75=Schubert F.Symphony No.10 (realised by B.Newbould) - Andante1
75=Schumann R.Symphony No.21
75=Scotchmer S.Symphony No.2 - Valse Tragique1
75=Scriabin A.Symphony No.21
75=Shostakovich D.Symphony No. 61
75=Shostakovich D.Symphony No. 91
75=Sibelius J.Symphony No.31
75=Sibelius J.Symphony No.61
75=Sibelius J.Symphony No.71
75=Smith A.M.Symphony No.2 in A Minor1
75=Stanford Sir C.V.Symphony No.71
75=Strauss R.Alpine Symphony1
75=Stravinsky I.Symphony of Psalms - Expectans1
75=Surinach C.Sinfonia Chica1
75=Vanhal J.Symphony in C Major1
75=Vaughan Williams R.Symphony No.1 ‘Sea’1
75=Vaughan Williams R.Symphony No.41
75=Vaughan Williams R.Symphony No.51
75=Vaughan Williams R.Symphony No.7 ‘Sinfonia Antartica’1
75=Voříšek J.Symphony in D Major Op.241