Here is an index of pages of statistics related to performances during the season 2017-2018.

This is the first complete season for which data has been compiled since concertdiarysoutheast started. The data for all earlier seasons is incomplete, but Project C21 is slowly filling in as much information as possible back to the beginning of the century. It is our intention to post statistics for seasons prior to 2017-18 as soon as we have enough data stored to make them meaningful.

Whenever new groups are added to our database, we automatically add details for all their concerts back to the beginning of the 2017-18 season and amend these statistics accordingly. Concerts from earlier seasons are only added as part of the Project C21 process.


Data held for this season currently contains information about 1,921 events, and 4,760 individual performances of works.

Statistics come in two varieties: information about composers and about works.

Composer Lists

There are five tables about composers: a master table covering all works, and four sub-tables for particular types of work. They can be accessed from the links below, or from the menu above:

Composers – All Works

Composers – Orchestral Works

Included here are works for solo singer and orchestra, such as song cycles, concert arias or arias extracted from operas or musicals.

Composers – Choral Works

This includes opera choruses but not complete operas.

Composers – Operas and Musicals

Here you will find all complete performances of sung staged works and extracts from them. Non-vocal stage works (i.e. ballets) are listed under Orchestral Works

Composers – Film and Television

Signature tunes, incidental music and so on.

Work Lists

There are thirteen tables covering works. Orchestral and choral works are covered by master tables and sub-tables for particular types of work. Operas and Musicals are listed in a summary table, where each work appears just once, aggregating complete performances and all extracts, and a details table where extracts appear separately. Finally, there is a single table covering works written for TV or the movies. Again, pick from the links below or from the menu above:

All Orchestral Works


Note that symphonies including a chorus appear both here and under Larger Choral Works.


Also including other works scored for solo instrument(s) and orchestra


Both concert overtures and preludes to operas and musicals.

Other Orchestral Works

Anything not included in the other genre tables.

All Choral Works



Oratorios, Passions and other Larger Works

Minimum duration 10 minutes (approx.). This includes choral symphonies.

Anthems, Carols, Partsongs and other Shorter Works

Maximum duration 10 minutes (approx.).

Operas and Musicals – Summary

Operas and Musicals – Details

Music written for Film or Television