2017-18 Season Statistics – Film and Television Music

FILM AND TELEVISION: frequency of performance of music written for the screen.
1Badelt K.Pirates of the Caribbean9
2Williams J.Star Wars - Suite6
3=John Sir E.The Lion King - Medley5
3=Prokofiev S.Lieutenant Kijé - Troika5
3=Williams J.Schindler’s List5
6=Williams J.Harry Potter - Music from the Films4
6=Williams J.Star Wars - Theme4
8=Barry J.James Bond - Music from the Films3
8=Shore H.Lord of the Rings - Music from the Films3
10=Barry J.Out of Africa - Music from the Film2
10=Bennett R.R.Murder on the Orient Express2
10=Bernstein E.The Magnificent Seven2
10=Menken A.Aladdin - Selection2
10=Menken A.Beauty and the Beast2
10=Moross J.The Big Country2
10=Morricone E.Gabriel’s Oboe2
10=Sherman R.B. & Sherman R.M.Mary Poppins - Music from the Film2
10=Walton Sir W.A Shakespeare Scenario (Henry V)2
10=Walton Sir W.Henry V - Touch her soft lips and part2
10=Williams J.E.T. The Extra Terrestrial - Music from the Film2
10=Williams J.Harry Potter - Symphonic Suite2
10=Williams J.Jurassic Park - Theme2
10=Williams J.Raiders of the Lost Ark - Music from the Film2
10=Wrubel A.Zip-a-dee-doo-dah (arr.Rathbone)2
25=Barry J.Dances with Wolves - Concert Suite1
25=Barry J.The Best of Bond (arr.Tyzik)1
25=Blake H.The Snowman1
25=Blake H.The Snowman (live performance accompanying the film)1
25=Bliss Sir A.Things to Come - Suite1
25=Churchill F.Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs1
25=Goodall H.Theme Academy1
25=Goodwin R.633 Squadron1
25=Gore M.Fame1
25=Hilton A.Music to accompany the film ‘A Dog’s Life’ - Scenes 6 and 71
25=Holland J.Music to accompany the film ‘A Dog’s Life’ - Scenes 9 and 101
25=Horner J.Titanic - My Heart Will Go On1
25=Huppertz G.Metropolis - Film Score1
25=Jarre M.Lawrence of Arabia - Overture1
25=John Sir E.The Lion King - Circle of Life1
25=Jones M.Music to accompany the film ‘A Dog’s Life’ - Scenes 3 and 41
25=Joyce P.Can We Fix It? (Bob the Builder)1
25=Korngold E.Captain Blood - Overture1
25=Lopez R.Frozen - Music from the Film1
25=Lopez R.Symphonic Highlights from ‘Frozen’1
25=Morricone E.Once Upon a Time in the West1
25=Morricone E.The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Main Theme1
25=Nott J.Wallace and Gromit Theme1
25=Peachey C.Music to accompany the film ‘A Dog’s Life’ - Scene 51
25=Regan M.Music to accompany the film ‘A Dog’s Life’ - Scenes 1 and 21
25=Rota N.Legend of the Glass Mountain1
25=Sherman R.B. & Sherman R.M.Mary Poppins - Feed the Birds (arr.Bates)1
25=Silvestri A.Polar Express - Music from the Film1
25=Steiner M.Casablanca Suite1
25=Strommen C.Salute to the Cinema1
25=Tait S.Music to accompany the film ‘A Dog’s Life’ - Scenes 7a and 81
25=Taylor E.Muppets Christmas Carol - Medley1
25=Walton Sir W.Henry V - Passacaglia1
25=Walton Sir W.Henry V - The Death of Falstaff1
25=Williams J.A Home Alone Christmas1
25=Williams J.Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Excerpts1
25=Williams J.E.T. The Extra Terrestrial - Adventures on Earth1
25=Williams J.E.T. The Extra Terrestrial - Flying Theme1
25=Williams J.Hook - Music from the film (arr.van der Velde)1
25=Williams J.Jurassic Park - Highlights1
25=Williams J.Jurassic Park - Music from the Film (arr.Pollen)1
25=Williams J.Raiders of the Lost Ark - Final March1
25=Williams J.Star Wars Saga (arr.de Meij)1
25=Williams J.The Cowboys1
25=Zimmer H.Gladiator - Music from the Film1