2017-18 Season Statistics – Concertos

CONCERTOS (Complete performances only): most frequently performed. N.B. Concerti Grossi and other similar works are not included here, but appear in the table of ‘other’ orchestral works.
1=Sibelius J.Violin Concerto13
1=Tchaikovsky P.Violin Concerto13
3Dvořák A.Cello Concerto12
4=Beethoven L.vanViolin Concerto10
4=Mendelssohn F.Violin Concerto10
6=Beethoven L.vanPiano Concerto No.5 ‘Emperor’8
6=Elgar Sir E.Cello Concerto8
8Rachmaninov S.Piano Concerto No.27
9Saint-Saëns C.Cello Concerto No.16
10=Berlioz H.Harold in Italy5
10=Bruch M.Violin Concerto No.15
10=Grieg E.Piano Concerto5
10=Rachmaninov S.Piano Concerto No.35
10=Strauss R.Oboe Concerto5
10=Tchaikovsky P.Piano Concerto No.15
10=Tchaikovsky P.Variations on a Rococo Theme5
10=Weber C.M.vonClarinet Concerto No.15
18=Arutiunian A.Trumpet Concerto4
18=Beethoven L.vanPiano Concerto No.34
18=Beethoven L.vanPiano Concerto No.44
18=Brahms J.Concerto for Violin and Cello4
18=Gershwin G.Rhapsody in Blue4
18=Mozart W.A.Flute Concerto No.1 in G4
18=Mozart W.A.Piano Concerto No.244
18=Mozart W.A.Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola K3644
18=Mozart W.A.Violin Concerto No.34
18=Mozart W.A.Violin Concerto No.44
18=Schumann R.Piano Concerto4
18=Shostakovich D.Piano Concerto No.24
30=Bach J.S.Concerto for Two Violins3
30=Brahms J.Piano Concerto No.23
30=Chopin F.Piano Concerto No.13
30=Dvořák A.Violin Concerto3
30=Finzi G.Clarinet Concerto3
30=Haydn J.Cello Concerto in C3
30=Haydn J.Trumpet Concerto3
30=Mozart W.A.Clarinet Concerto3
30=Mozart W.A.Clarinet Concerto - 2nd movement3
30=Mozart W.A.Piano Concerto No.213
30=Mozart W.A.Piano Concerto No.233
30=Nielsen C.Flute Concerto3
30=Rachmaninov S.Piano Concerto No.13
30=Rachmaninov S.Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini3
30=Schumann R.Cello Concerto3
30=Svendsen J.Romance for Violin and Orchestra3
30=Torelli G.Trumpet Concerto in D G13
30=Vivaldi A.The Four Seasons - Winter3
48=Albinoni T.Concerto for Two Oboes2
48=Arnold Sir M.Viola Concerto2
48=Bach J.S.Brandenburg Concerto No.22
48=Bach J.S.Brandenburg Concerto No.32
48=Bach J.S.Brandenburg Concerto No.42
48=Bach J.S.Brandenburg Concerto No.62
48=Beethoven L.vanPiano Concerto No.12
48=Beethoven L.vanTriple Concerto2
48=Berg A.Violin Concerto2
48=Bottesini G.Gran Duo Concertante for Violin and Double Bass2
48=Brahms J.Violin Concerto2
48=Bruch M.Concerto for Clarinet and Viola2
48=Bruch M.Romanze for Viola and Orchestra2
48=Danzi F.Sinfonia Concertante for Flute and Clarinet2
48=Elgar Sir E.Romance for Bassoon and Orchestra2
48=Finzi G.Cello Concerto2
48=Glière R.Harp Concerto2
48=Haydn J.Cello Concerto in D2
48=Hummel J.Trumpet Concerto2
48=Ibert J.Flute Concerto2
48=Ireland J.Piano Concerto2
48=Mozart W.A.Flute Concerto No.2 in D2
48=Mozart W.A.Piano Concerto No.202
48=Prokofiev S.Piano Concerto No.32
48=Reinecke C.Ballade for Flute and Orchestra2
48=Reinecke C.Flute Concerto2
48=Rimsky-Korsakov N.Trombone Concerto2
48=Shostakovich D.Cello Concerto No.12
48=Stanford Sir C.V.Clarinet Concerto2
48=Strauss R.Horn Concerto No.12
48=Tchaikovsky P.Piano Concerto No.22
48=Vaughan Williams R.Oboe Concerto2
48=Vivaldi A.Cello Concerto in C Minor RV4012
48=Vivaldi A.Concerto for Two Cellos in G Minor RV5312
48=Walton Sir W.Cello Concerto2
48=Walton Sir W.Viola Concerto2
48=Weber C.M.vonClarinet Concertino2
85=Addinsell R.Warsaw Concerto1
85=Adès T.Concentric Paths1
85=Alwyn W.Pastoral Fantasia for Viola and Strings1
85=Arnold Sir M.Trumpet Concerto1
85=Atterberg K.Suite for Violin, Viola and Strings1
85=Aviss P.Viola Concerto1
85=Bach C.P.E.Cello Concerto in A Minor1
85=Bach C.P.E.Piano Concerto in A Major1
85=Bach J.S.Concerto for Double String Orchestra1
85=Bach J.S.Concerto for Two Violins - 1st movement1
85=Bach J.S.Keyboard Concerto in D Minor1
85=Bach J.S.Keyboard Concerto in F Minor1
85=Baermann H.Concertstück for Clarinet1
85=Barker W.Concerto for Cornet, Flugelhorn and Trumpet1
85=Beethoven L.vanPiano Concerto No.21
85=Beethoven L.vanRomance No.1 in G for Violin and Orchestra1
85=Bellini V.Oboe Concerto1
85=Bellini V.Trumpet Concerto1
85=Binge R.Concerto for Alto Saxophone1
85=Boccherini L.Cello Concerto No.9 in B Flat1
85=Bottesini G.Double Bass Concerto No.21
85=Brahms J.Piano Concerto No.11
85=Burswold L.Dance for Violin and String Orchestra1
85=Campling A.Concerto for Trumpet, Piano and Strings1
85=Chaminade C.Flute Concertino in D Major Op.1071
85=Crusell B.Clarinet Concerto in F Minor Op.51
85=Danzi F.Sinfonia Concertante for Clarinet and Bassoon1
85=Debussy C.Rhapsody No.1 for Clarinet and Orchestra1
85=Dohnanyi E.Variations on a Nursery Theme1
85=Donizetti G.Concertino for Horn and Orchestra1
85=Dvořák A.Cello Concerto - 1st movement1
85=Elgar Sir E.Violin Concerto1
85=Fauré G.Elegy for Cello and Orchestra1
85=Gershwin G.Piano Concerto1
85=Geyer L.Trumpet Concerto1
85=Glazunov A.Saxophone Concerto1
85=Glière R.Harp Concerto - 1st movement1
85=Haydn J.Concerto for Two Horns1
85=Ibbotson P.Cello Concerto1
85=Kabalevsky D.Violin Concerto1
85=Khachaturian A.Violin Concerto1
85=Korngold E.Violin Concerto1
85=Larsson L-E.Trombone Concertino1
85=Lindberg M.Clarinet Concerto1
85=Liszt F.Piano Concerto No.21
85=Martinů B.Rhapsody-Concerto for Viola and Orchestra1
85=Mendelssohn F.Piano Concerto No.2 - 2nd and 3rd movements1
85=Milhaud D.Scaramouche (Saxophone Concerto)1
85=Montague S.Concerto for Piano and Orchestra1
85=Montanari A.Violin Concerto in A Op.1 No.11
85=Mozart W.A.Bassoon Concerto1
85=Mozart W.A.Bassoon Concerto - 2nd movement1
85=Mozart W.A.Concerto for Two Pianos1
85=Mozart W.A.Flute Concerto No.1 in G - Adagio and Rondo1
85=Mozart W.A.Horn Concerto No.31
85=Mozart W.A.Horn Concerto No.4 - Rondo1
85=Mozart W.A.Oboe Concerto K3141
85=Mozart W.A.Piano Concerto No.141
85=Mozart W.A.Piano Concerto No.171
85=Mozart W.A.Piano Concerto No.191
85=Proctor S.The James Bond Piano Concerto1
85=Prokofiev S.Violin Concerto No.11
85=Quantz J.Flute Concerto in G QWV5:1731
85=Ravel M.Piano Concerto for the Left Hand1
85=Ravel M.Piano Concerto in G Major1
85=Rodrigo J.Concierto de Aranjuez (arr.for Harp)1
85=Saint-Saëns C.Piano Concerto No.5 ‘Egyptian’1
85=Schumann R.Cello Concerto - 2nd and 3rd movements1
85=Sluka L.Sonata for Bass Clarinet and Wind Orchestra1
85=Spohr L.Clarinet Concerto No.1 in C Minor1
85=Stanford Sir C.V.Variations for Violin and Orchestra1
85=Strauss R.Horn Concerto No.21
85=Strauss R.Romance for Cello and Orchestra1
85=Stravinsky I.Violin Concerto1
85=Szymanowski K.Violin Concerto No.11
85=Tailleferre G.Concertino for Harp1
85=Tchaikovsky P.Piano Concerto No.1 - Third Movement1
85=Telemann G.Concerto in D for Two Oboe d’Amore and Strings1
85=Telemann G.Horn Concerto in D TWV51:D81
85=Thompson B.Saxophone Concerto1
85=Torelli G.Trumpet Concerto in D G101
85=Vaughan Williams R.Tuba Concerto1
85=Vivaldi A.Concerto ‘La Conca’ in B Flat RV1631
85=Vivaldi A.Concerto for Oboe and Two Violins in C RV5541
85=Vivaldi A.Concerto for Two Oboes RV5351
85=Vivaldi A.Concerto for Two Trumpets1
85=Vivaldi A.Concerto for Two Violins in D RV5111
85=Vivaldi A.Concerto for Viola d’Amore RV3921
85=Vivaldi A.Violin Concerto in A Minor Op.3 No.6 - 1st movement1
85=Walton Sir W.Violin Concerto1
85=Wanhal J.B.Concerto in F for Two Bassoons1
85=Weber C.M.vonBassoon Concerto1
85=Weber C.M.vonClarinet Concerto No.21
85=Weber C.M.vonConcertino for Horn1
85=Wilshere B.Zodiac (Percussion Concerto)1