Technical Bulletin – August 2019

In order to be able to implement some new features, and because our database has now become too large and unwieldy to manage there, we have now moved concertdiarysoutheast away from Wordpress to its own hosting site - welcome!.

This should lead to benefits for both the user and those who manage the site. For users, you will now find that pages load more quickly. We have also split up the very long archive pages into more manageable chunks, so when you visit the Past Groups List, the Past Works List or the Complete Works List, you will find separate pages for each letter of the alphabet, with a quick jump slider bar at the top to move through the alphabet swiftly.

Alphabetic Slider

In a similar way, the Past Diary is split into individual years, with the slider moving between years, or jumping into the future diary.

Date Slider

A further addition on the Works Lists is a Search facility.

Search Tool

Type in a Composer and Work, and jump straight to that entry. To make this even quicker, once you have typed three characters into either search box, a list of up to 30 options will be provided - if there are more than 30 options, you should carry on typing until the list of options drops below 30. In the Work box, it's a free search, so you could type in any part of a work's name to do a search, including a nickname if it has one.

Another option is to leave the Composer box blank, and just type in a Work name (or part thereof). In such cases, you'll be offered any matching work by any composer - the composer's name is given in square brackets after the work name in the options list. For example, if you type 'Scot' in the Work box, this is what you get:

Free search

A word of warning: by not specifying a composer, you're increasing the potential number of matches, so be prepared to type a few more than three characters before you get your option list!

Note that the search will be made through the database according to the date range of the page you are currently viewing, i.e. if you are looking at the Past Works List, the search will be limited to past performances. At the top of the list on each page are three quick-jump buttons so that you can select 'Past', 'Future' or 'All'.

Also now available in the Stats section of the site are all the stats for the 2018-19 season. This is the second full year that the site has operated through, so in these new statistics tables, you will find comparisons to the previous season - both how far up or down the table an entry has moved, and also the number of performances in that season compared to last.

Comparison Statistics

Look out for more features being added in the coming months.